Elizabeth North Primary School

Wellbeing at Elizabeth North Primary School


Wellbeing of staff, students and the wider school community is a priority at Elizabeth North Primary School. We embed our whole school values through the teaching of social skills, utilising Program Achieve and principles for developing strong, trusting and mutually respectful relationships. At Elizabeth North Primary School we strive for each student to have opportunities to achieve individual personal greatness. There are many proactive whole school initiatives to support the development of positive engagement and outcomes. These include; Jumpstart, student parliament, assemblies, team points, awards, yard activities and afternoon engagement groups. Attendance is an ongoing priority at Elizabeth North Primary School. Through regular communication, staff work closely with families to ensure students are maximising their learning opportunities through consistent attendance. The school utilises a wide range of outside agencies such as The Smith Family and Grow Wellbeing, to connect students and families with services and supports, specifically targeted to their wellbeing needs.

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